High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl for Plastics (Solvent Yellow 179)

High quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179)  For plastic use Product Name: Solvent Yellow 179 CI NO. Disperse Yellow 201CAS NO. 80748-21-6EINECS: 258-964-5Chemical Family: Quinoline seriesMolecular Formula: C27H31N3OMolecular Weight: 413.55Relatived Foreign Brand:Macrolex Yellow 6G (BAY)Macrolex Yel

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High quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179)  For plastic use 

Product Name: Solvent Yellow 179 
CI NO. Disperse Yellow 201
CAS NO. 80748-21-6
EINECS: 258-964-5
Chemical Family: Quinoline series
Molecular Formula: C27H31N3O
Molecular Weight: 413.55
Relatived Foreign Brand:
Macrolex Yellow 6G (BAY)
Macrolex Yellow 6G[W] (BAY) 
Resolin Brilliant Yellow 6GFL
Polysolve Yellow(PLSV)
Waxoline Yellow 5RP-FW(ZEN)
Shade: Bright greenish yellow powder
Solvent Yellow 179 Physical Properties and fastness, solubility.
                          Solvent Yellow 179
Melting Point(°C)115
Light Fastness7-8
Heat resistance300
Butyl Acetate-
solvent Yellow 179 application: mainly used in coloring different kinds of plastics,such as PS,HIPS,ABS,PC,PMMA,AS,PET,RPVC,SAN,etc. Also used in polyester's raw liquor 
Note: The data contained here are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is the responsibility of user to test our products before the final application.

High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic Use
High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic Use

High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic Use
High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic Use

High Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic UseHigh Quality Solvent Yellow 6gfl (Solvent Yellow 179) for Plastic Use
Q1. How can I get the samples for testing?
  1. We can provide a certain quantity of free samples. Please give the specific CAS or CI NO. of the product and we will give you the sample based on our standard.
  2. You can send your samples to our office and we will send back the copy samples for you. It's a more efficient way.
Q2. How can I get the price of needed products?
  1. Please give the exactly CAS or CI Number, quantity, packing, destination port or specs requirements. We can according to your exact requirements to give you the price.
  2. You can send us a sample, we can according to your sample give you a counter sample and price.
Q3. I don't know whether your product can be available, how can I order this from you?
It's the best way if you can send us a sample, so we can according to your samples give you a counter sample for checking the quality. Also we will quote a price for you to check the cost. After confirming all of this, you can contact our sales for an order.
Q4. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept small order?
It's no problem if you are a small wholesale, we would like to grow up with you together.
Q5. How to use the product?
We are pleased to be requested the application methods from you and we will use words and videos to tell how to use. We also have application engineers can provide onsite service for you customers.
Q6. We want to be your agent of our area, how to apply for this?
Please send your idea and your profile to sales@emperorchem.com  Att: Gloria xu 
Q7. Can you make OEM service of your products?
Yes. We can accept OEM service. Also we have provided OEM service to lots of big and famous companies in the order.
Q8. How can you ensure the quality to us?
  1. Quality is the foundation of our company,we have been engaging in this field for more than 20 years. Superior quality brings us the benefits and gives us the vitality.
  2. The bulk production is the same quality as the confirmed sample we provide to you for testing before the order.
  3. If you still have doubt, you can request the third part company, such as SGS, to inspect and test the bulk cargo before shipment (you should bear the inspection expense).

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